Since starting with Ballet Afrikana our princess has increased her level of confidence and motivation towards learning. Everyday we get to experience her growing into a smart, young lady. We believe Ballet Afrikana has played a major role in her overall development.

Afrikana Dancer Londan

Rochester, NY

Cute kid story (well, it ends well): Miss Reh said she had a rough day at school yesterday. It was pajama day and some kids in her class were making fun of her pajamas and called her ugly. She was pretty upset and tearful. I decided to invite her to yoga with me (Kemetic Yoga at House of Shu via Ballet Afrikana: Dance Prep Academy) and explained that its one of the things mama does to help relax and de-stress. We talked some in the car, she joined in some yoga, took a few breaks to read one of her chapter books (she is really in to chapter books now), and got a lot of comfort from the instructor Lomax R. Campbell and the group. She said she felt better afterwards and later seemed to be able to recognize the friends who were around and trying to support and protect her from the teasing, and that the girl who teased her actually started out saying "you have the cutest pajamas" and may have been a bit jealous. We talked a bit more about how it feels to be teased, how she is a naturally sensitive person and feels things deeply, and how to handle such situations... because, as I explained, Miss Reh is cute and we aren't going to buy her clothes that may her look bad so she may run into this again.

Sometimes (most times) we make this parenting stuff up as we go, but I think I did okay. Special thanks to the "village" at Kemetic yoga for the added love.

Afrikana Dancer Rehani

Rochester, NY

Ballet Afrikana is an extension of our family. Our daughter was enrolled in Ballet Journeys for a year. When we decided to explore other interests, we were supported by our BA family and when she is ready to return to dance, I am confident that Ballet Afrikana will welcome us with open arms!

Afrikana Dance Phoenix

Rochester, NY

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