Ballet Afrikana’s summer intensive program is a rigorous training programs designed for dancers, ages 7–15. Students will engage in pre-professional dance training and learning. Dancers train in Ballet, West Afrikan-technique, Hip-Hop technique, Modern (Ailey, Horton, Graham), and Kemetic yoga (geometrical progression). Students will conclude program with an academic-artistic presentation. 

Summer Intensive Program

Monday, July 16, 2018 through Friday, July 27, 2018

Each weekday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm


BA Summer Intensive

Monday, July 16 & Monday, July 23

Modern Dance :: Ms. Ashley 

Tuesday, July 17 & Tuesday, July 24

Ballet :: Ms. Monique

Wednesday, July 18 & Wednesday, July 25

AfroBeat :: Ms. Niema

Thursday, July 19 & Thursday, July 26

Kemetic Yoga :: Mr. Lomax

Friday, July 20 & Friday, July 27 

Artistic Knowledge Building and Project        Presentation Day

What Will Participants Need

Participants in the summer intensive will need academic supplies: journal, writing utensil, and BA dance intensive folder (given in July) for every class AND artistic dance attire. Artistic dance attire is required for each day of the intensive. Students are expected to wear fresh and clean dance leotards, dance tights, dance leggings and ballet dance shoes. Convertible tights are expected for Modern dance and dance leggings are expected for AfroBeat dance classes.  Dancers will also need personalized water bottles for each class session. 


Resources for Dance Attire:

Child Leotard 

Adult Leotard

Child Dance Tights in Various Shades (purchase dance tights from online dance retailers or local dance stores)

Adult Dance Tights in Various Shades (purchase dance tights from online dance retailers or local dance stores)

Ballet Dance Shoes--Split Sole (purchase shoes from online dance retailers or local dance stores)

Summer Intensive Program Project Presentation

Throughout the program, students are asked to engage in the artistic knowledge building activities in their journal and engage with the Summer program content. 

The summer program will conclude on Friday, July 27, 2018. All students will present a topic related to the dance training they have explored during the intensive. Each student will need to submit a one-page written or typed document. Presentations may involve various presentation tools (PowerPoint, Prezi, poster boards, etc.).

The question students will need to consider is:

How can dance address an issue in your community or neighborhood?

As students prepare to answer this question, students will be evaluated on:

  • Part One: Identifying an issue within their community or neighborhood. The issues may involve any of the following: lack of community spirit; too many children not having activities during the summer months; pollution, etc.

  • Part Two: Expressing how dance will be used to address, solve or bring awareness to the issue in their community or neighborhood. Students can be as creative or imaginative as they would like.

Tuition for Summer Intensive 

The tuition for the summer intensive $150 per person. The tuition fee includes dance training and artistic knowledge building materials. 

For scholarship opportunities, explore Brown Girls Do Ballet website

Ballet Afrikana: Dance Prep Academy

House of Shu Wellness Center

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