Please review the policies for classes, tuition and overall attitude for House of Shu Wellness Center.

Required Dance Attire

All dancers are expected to be dressed in BA dance attire for every class and rehearsal. If students are not dressed in BA dance attire, they will need to observe class and take notes.

Youth Female Dancers:

(Ballet) Red-colored dance leotard, flesh-colored convertible dance tights, black dance wrap skirt, and pink ballet shoes; hair needs to be neat and pulled away from the face

(Youth AfroBeat) Red-colored dance leotard, dance leggings--no shoes are worn for this class; hair needs to be neat and pulled away from the face

Youth Male Dancers:

(Ballet) White short sleeve t-shirt, black dance tights, and white or black ballet shoes

(Youth AfroBeat) White short sleeve t-shirt and dance shorts--no shoes are worn for this class

Attendance: Making the Most of Our Time

Class time is crucial for students' overall training and development in the dance world. With this in mind, tardiness disrupts students' growth potential. When tardiness is unavoidable, students are required to enter quietly and "jump right into" the lesson.


For planned absences, please make every attempt to inform us in advance by email, phone or text. This courtesy helps with planning and adjusting class materials appropriately. If your little one will not be returning to us for the rest of the term, please let us know. We work hard to craft inclusive dance selections so that no students are left out. We appreciate the phone calls, emails and text messages we receive from parents informing us of student absences.   

Recordings and Cameras

Please note that recording classes, dance demonstrations or performances in any way, including tape recorders, cameras, or video recorders is prohibited.

Payment and Late Policy

Due at time of registration, a tuition payment is required. Any accounts past due will be subject to a late fee of $25 per week and prevent the continuance of the program and I and/or the child will not be permitted into class until accounts are brought up-to-date. Once registered for classes, the parent/guardian holds responsibility for the entire tuition regardless of non-attendance due to tuition delinquency, expulsion or withdrawal. Accounts that are seriously delinquent will be sent to a collection agency.


Term payments are required to be paid by the start of every term. Payment (cash, check or money order) is requested by the due date listed on the invoice. Please make checks and money orders payable to Ballet Afrikana. If for any reason, your personal check is returned there will be a $20 fee.

Withdrawal and/or Refund Policy

Full refunds will only be given prior to the start of classes, per term. 50% refunds less a $100 administrative fee are given within the first two weeks of classes. Students requesting withdrawal from classes and refunds must do so in writing. No refunds will be given after the first two weeks of classes. Students will be held responsible for the remainder of the tuition owed regardless of attendance. Students receiving participating in the BA Scholarship Program are not eligible for refunds.

Photo Release Policy

Ballet Afrikana will take photographs or other such images of BA students to be used by BA in any publications or advertisements now or in the future.

Limitation of Liability

Like all other sports or physical activities, there is an element of risk involved. By attending classes with Ballet Afrikana, students and parents are agreeing that Ballet Afrikana, its teachers, landlords, and volunteers are not responsible for any claims or injuries in the dance studio or surrounding properties as a result of negligence of the part of the parent/guardian or student.


If any medical emergency should arise while the student is in the care of BA staff, then I and/or we give permission for the student to be taken to the hospital to receive any needed medical attention. I and/or we also hereby release and hold harmless BA, its respective employees, agents and independent contractors from and against any and all liability, damages, costs and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorney and paralegal fees), obligations, claims, penalties and charges with respect to any events or matters arising out of, or directly or indirectly resulting from (including, but not limited to bodily or mental injury) the aforementioned student's participation in any activity sponsored by and/or related to BA.

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