It is important to the Afrikana instructors that all students are growing their whole selves. Our fundamental movement courses in Ballet, are designed to connect students to other forms of dance. All instructors are professionally trained dancers and educators with a passion for seeing our children grow. Those dance forms may include: Jazz, Tap, Modern, Afrikan, Hip Hop and /or Contemporary Ballet. Students are trained for professional dance, but students are not required to pursue professional dance careers.

Student Groupings

Students are grouped according to their age level. We aim to socialize the students with their peer group. However, students may be assigned to an older age group based upon their skill, development and discipline. Students are monitored closely to see how they are progressing with the dance material.

Watoto  Level A

Ages 3 to 5. Afrikana dancers will learn basic steps and creative movement. Students begin to learn the elements of musicality and movement. Students will progress in their ballet technique with little or no prior training. 

Required class: Youth AfroBeat

Watoto  Level B

Ages 6 to 8. Afrikana dancers will begin to master ballet steps and movement. Students understand the elements of musicality and movement.  Students will progress with a solid foundation in ballet technique with little training. We work to develop creative expression, critical thinking, and unpacking social and emotional environments. 

Required classes: Ballet I and Youth AfroBeat

Watoto  Level C

Ages 9 to 14. Afrikana dancers have one to two years of prior dance training. There is an increased study of classical ballet technique and beginner exploration of classical ballet variations from The Nutcracker, La Bayadere, Swan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty, just to name a few. 

Required classes: Ballet II and Youth AfroBeat; recommend Kemetic Yoga, Modern, Pre-Pointe/Pointe (always check for availability)

Open Classes & Other Opportunities

At the House of Shu Wellness Center, we are committed to providing culturally-relevant opportunities for everyone. Learn more about our Open Classes

Family Friendly Workshop Classes

Afrikana dancers can sign-up or drop-in for a class or a series of classes. These classes may range from ModernFit, CaribFit, AfroBeat, It's Just Hip Hop, or Kemetic Yoga. Each class offers different levels of engagement and wellness assistance. For more insight about current class, visit our Open Classes.

Organizational Stress Management

School districts, corporations, or small businesses can benefit from our culturally-relevant and mindfulness practices. A session or series of workshops can be tailored to meet the needs for your organization.

Susu Economics: Pan-Afrikan Black Trade

Ballet Afrikana is committed to the overall development and sustainability of Black wealth, trade and commerce.  We strongly encourage the support of businesses, organizations and programs of BOB Rochester.

Ballet Afrikana: Dance Prep Academy

House of Shu Wellness Center

Telling the Afrikan Story through Dance

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