School Mission 

Ballet Afrikana: Dance Prep Academy (BA) is a culturally-centered dance preparatory academy focused on identity development and the fundamentals of movement. Through arts education, students not only explore dance, but also become empowered to learn and embrace their heritage leading to: heightened self-esteem, creativity, discipline and the tenacity to achieve.  

Taglines and Hashtags

"Telling the Afrikan Story Through Dance"

#BalletAfrikana #TellOurStory #TellUrStory #KnowThyself

School Name 

Ballet Afrikana

"Ballet" means to tell a story. "Afrikana" refers to artifacts, artistic, or literary works of any of the nations of Afrika and the diaspora reflecting geographical, historical, or cultural development. 

School Description

Dance Prep Academy

With no prior experience, BA students are exposed to various dance forms and develop the essential tools to become a professional dancer, but also a well-rounded individual. 

Arts & Culture

In addition to art form-specific training, BA students are exposed to classical Afrikan language and culture as part of the BA cultural enrichment program. The Medu Neter (Hieroglyphics) of Kemet and Keneset (Ancient Egypt and Sudan) is the classical language for study and practice.

e.g. duA (thank you; praises); iiti (you're welcome); Sm m Htp (go in peace) using Manuel de Codage

Course Offerings


Classical Ballet 

Kemetic Yoga

Modern Dance

Tap Dance

Theatrical Jazz

West Afrikan Dance

Course Schedule

BA students attend classes on a trimester basis spanning Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer.

School Location

1024 Garson Avenue, Rochester, New York 14609

Workshop Series 








"Fit" Party

Wisdom Teachings

Self-Knowledge is the Basis of All True Knowledge 

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

Age Requirements

BA students' ages range from three and up. 

Founding & Structure

March 28, 2014

General Partnership

School Leadership

Ashley N. Campbell, Co-Founder & Artistic Director

Lomax R. Campbell, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

On the Web

www.balletafrikana.comFacebook: Ballet Afrikana | Twitter: @BalletAfrikana

Ballet Afrikana: Dance Prep Academy

House of Shu Wellness Center

Telling the Afrikan Story through Dance

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