Ballet Afrikana is a culturally-centered dance preparatory academy focused on identity development and the fundamentals of movement. Through arts education, students not only explore dance, but also become empowered to learn and embrace their heritage leading to: heightened self esteem, creativity, discipline and the tenacity to achieve. 

The Curriculum

It is important to the Afrikana instructors that all students are growing their whole selves. Our fundamental movement courses in Ballet, are designed to connect students to other forms of dance. All instructors are professionally trained dancers and educators with a passion for seeing our children grow. Learn More Here about Our Curriculum

Tuition & Registration

Ballet Afrikana provides tuition payment options by the term or academic year. There is no registration fee upon enrollment. All students are required to complete a registration form for the academic year or term. There are three terms within an academic year: The Harvest 2019 Term; The Chilly 2020 Term; and The Blooming 2020 Term. Learn More about Tuition & Registration


Ballet Afrikana and the House of Shu Wellness Center is our home. We are committed to our vision growing and thriving.
Learn More about Our Policies

Class Schedule & Calendar

Engage with our calendar for the 2019-2020 academic year. Learn about when classes are held and when we have scheduled breaks. Learn More about Our Schedule and Calendar

Open Classes

Our open classes give families and friends of Ballet Afrikana opportunities to play and explore. Feel free to drop-in for any class open for the term or academic year. We would love to see you. Learn More about Our Open Classes

The Cultural Excursion 

Explore the Arts Deeper  

Ballet Afrikana will have an opportunity to take a trip to explore a performance, activity, program, etc. In 2019, we will take an adventure to Nazareth Arts Center in Greater Rochester to experience Harlem 100! Learn more about our Cultural Excursion. 

Ballet Afrikana: Dance Prep Academy

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Telling the Afrikan Story through Dance

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