Self-Knowledge is the
Basis of All True Knowledge

Ballet Afrikana: Dance Prep Academy is a culturally-centered dance preparatory academy focused on identity development and the fundamentals of movement. Through arts education, students not only explore dance, but also become empowered to learn and embrace their heritage leading to: heightened self-esteem, creativity, discipline and the tenacity to achieve. 

At Ballet Afrikana, you will be exposed and learn the various forms of classical dance and wellness practices. With no prior experience required, a student of the Arts will leave with the essential tools to become a professional dancer, but also a well-rounded individual. 

Ballet Afrikana focuses on "Telling the Afrikan Story Through Dance." Working with students as young as three years old, students will learn the fundamentals of various art forms—classical ballet; modern dance; Kemetic Yoga; West Afrikan dance styles; Brazilian martial art: Capoeira and a variety of other dance styles.